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New Hollywood fine art images in my Etsy shop .... Hollywood Portraits contact   Bloomington Il.

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Saluto prints

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Fine art photography tulips works

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the right interior is always one of my favorite assignments, many can require days of lighting
and working the shots, this one was done in less than an hour. more often than not great existing
lighting is incorporated into the photo capturing the perfect image.

call photographer anthony saluto 561 801 8669 (tony)

anthony saluto lll ... photographer

Thursday, October 21, 2010

portfolio fashion

keep a portfolio as full time model , or as needed to have bookings from your normal work week

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palm beach and miami

call for a quote in palm beach miami & south florida il, summer etc

on location commercial and portrait photography

phone palm beach fl 561 801 8669

bloNo il, 309 824 9176

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4 grand a day is easy, contact me to work on your portfolio

do your portfolio and head for miami & go see 40 modeling agencies in south beach, get your feed back, grab a pesky waitress job, rent the apartment before your return trip to get your car full of stuff.

take your best shot
work on your portfolio, the cities are full of modeling assignments, all ages, men women and children, with a good portfolio you can easily have a pesky waitress job while getting booked for the next gap campaign, i know a 45 year old model who sells printing full time in miami and takes a vacation day to do a sandals ad and makes
$ 4,000 for a days work. book a portfolio job with me and i will work with you on an all in one day or several days ongoing to edit down to the best choices for your book. i'm in central il now, with a great studio, have a condo in palm beach and favor miami beyond description. work in chicago and south florida a lot. give my cell a call 309 824 9176

and smile with your eyes, stock photography, amy rocks, what is stock

stock photography is just that. bill gates is, getty images is, yes, the grandson of the oil tycoon. among hundreds of others who broker images to publishers, ad agencies, designers, and businesses and organizations of all kinds from the new york times to your local bank brochure. stored in digital files searchable by many key word descriptions, from brain surgery to kid on a trike and every theme in between
e mail me images if you would like to be included in my model files for stock photo shoots, beauty sells, character sells, uniqueness, photo buyer needs are endless, fashions change, hair, eye wear, cars, desk top computers, are all dated, and millions of images are kept for the communications industry to tap into on an as needed basis, at usually a new york minute pace. most models from kids to seniors
do stock work on a tfp or trade for prints basis. many sit in files for years and never get used, others may be on your next cell phone package. nobody really knows. its usually good for both the model and photographer. stock prices to photo buyers have changed drastically since the internet has made searching and delivery so fast,
time is money and prices are cheaper than ever. as a model its great to get practice
or a breakthrough image for your portfolio. i hear all the time we need health care and seniors images from stock houses. whole crews have taken shoots at schools to build education images. everything is done with a signed model release. drop me a few jpgs at

ceo bap development , i photographed willy in coconut grove bay view office atop his bear head rug

ceo telefonica usa, i photographed at a secret location in front of a server traffic control room screen, unmarked warehouse in miami, fl usa

images on the cutting edge
i love the image for two reasons, its not a double exposure, and it has no computer manipulation. how did i do it, look for that in my forthcoming book, or better yet
give me a call at 561-801-TONY. email

ceo's start selling in the boardromm

international developers take stake in ocean view.

miami ceo
north light is hard to beat
north light is hard to beat, i packed heavy for this boardroom location shoot. once on location in the board room with more lighting gear than i knew there would be time for, i'm drawn to the bank of north windows and with an eye for a perfect diffusion of overcast conditions the light was sweeping in better than any possible lighting modification setup. with a reflector to bounce back some of this quality light, the best light source of them all, almost always would be my first choice, especially under any time constraints which ceo's tend to have. its crucial not use direct sun so weighing the conditions of light direction and diffusion creates beautiful images every time. a roll of provia through my hasselblad, and another through my canon, and in 30-40 minutes its a wrap.

condo king jorge perez just landed on forbes 400 list and hes taking calls in the middle of my photo shoot, imagine that. no problem.

experience the power
Mayor and City Manager of Miami
Gregory Swienton - CEO of Ryder
Alberto Cardenas - Head of the Republican Party for the state of Florida
Suzanne Delehanty - Director of the Miami Art Museum

Angel Medina, Jr. - President of Union Planters Bank Victor Lopez - Hyatt, Vice President

Sunday, October 10, 2010

beautiful women make beautiful pictures. lori with shades has been on many of my business cards an old friend i'm glad i encouraged her to move to fl.

often a great image is a moment which i capture, a benefit of a professional shoot,
it seems if 36 images are created or 3600 images are created, a few are always going to pop off the light box. if there is a problem with digital, that would be it, often
a photographer will see his lcd screen and think hes got it. when in fact the mystery of not always knowing what you have on film is exactly what keeps you working a shoot. a lot of film and lab costs will be saved, a lot of unworked images will go by the way side and never be captured. for sure many more will be made by knowing angles and lighting are working faster. i like 3 hour shoot sessions when working, and shoot hundreds of images from set to set and change to change. fashion,
beauty, portfolio, head shots, i love them all, call or write, 309 824 8176 ,

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

commercial & portrait photography on locations, palm beach fl, delray beach, miami, all of south fl, call 561 801 TONY,

in home
family portraits. from $1200 call for a quote 561-801-TONY
multiple locations senior packages from $499
portfolios call for a quote 561- 801 -TONY

have a question? ....

copyright anthony saltuo

portfolios /family /children/ grads/ executive/ commercial/

table top/ stock/ assignment/ travel/ architecture/ interior/ editorial/ fine art/ stationery/ head shots / aerials / for 35 years

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with galleries in the midwest and south palm beach fl.

There are so many new ways to present fine art photography today. With my vast archive of the local area, I am looking forward to blowing up some prints in many types of papers, canvases, finishes, and so on. I really don’t see any end to the possibilities with digital photography today.

I will be offering, limited edition prints in the larger sizes, limited to 10, 50, 150, and many open editions.

Fine art note cards, will have signed original prints. Suitable for framing, sending, or collecting. They will be offered in a wider variety than I have ever done before. They will be available in sets as well as individually. The current retail is $3.99

commercial usage of the images are available as well.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

anthony saluto photographs nationwide /'s , ad campaigns, portraits, calendar projects, etc. . editorial, commercial, and personal.

images the only international language.

click on images to enlarge them

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extra extra read all about it portraits executive family commercial palm beach boca delray beach

room sets .. canvas .. north light .. strong shadows .. beauty lighting .. hollywood lighting .. head and shoulders .. 3/4 legenth .. full legenth .. contemporary .. roof top .. downtown street sets

aerials of bloomington / normal / mclean county are being planned for 1 trip a month. starting the week of march 12, 2007

assignments are welcome for your property.

schnucks, carries a full line of anthony saluto photography note cards featuring original prints

Friday, August 25, 2006

about this blog .. palm beach delray beach boca commercial family portraits

there are about 75 images from my portfolios over the last 15 years. miami ceo's are at the bottom. see some of my favorite ... STOCK MODELS, CEO'S, TRAVEL, LANDSCAPES, MIDWEST AND TROPICAL, INTERIORS, FASHION, SWIM WEAR, FAMILY PORTRAITS, GALLERY, STUDIO, ways to reach my 1000 stock image archive, price lists, e mail links. on just less than 60 pages. thanks for visiting my blog.

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portrait and commercial pricing

when prints arent needed / p r / business / professionals / entertainers

p r head shots ..


c o m m e r c i a l
interiors, exteriors, illustration, table top, documentary
, aerials, etc.

commercial shoots, aerial, construction, interiors, exteriors, illustration, documentary, advertising, table top, events, etc. vary based on the job and the usage of the images please call for a quote. 3 hours to anywhere, travel costs ,coast to coast additional.


no minimum on poses you can buy, lots of unique sizes & finishes , prints ala carte , family artleather albums in many sizes flush mounted.

finishing services .... options

lots of unique sizes, up to 30x40 .. prints on stretcher canvas, matboard, gallery wrap, in color, b&w, metallic , ready to hang framed all fed ex directly to your home or office or picked up at the studio in 1-3 days

no limit on poses you can order, no minimums, no limit on changes, no bait and switch, no up sell tricks ! all images created by anthony saluto

traditional color paper........................... kodak portra endura paper matte

metallic paper......................................... Kodak pro endura metallic paper

true digital b&w...................................... ilfords professional black & white

click this image to enlarge

family photo sessions in home are easy on the kids, pets, changes, etc. i suggest 90 to 180 minutes. outdoor portraits are best about an hour before sunset.

Monday, April 17, 2006

portraits delray beach palm beach family commercial photographer

at home portrait sessions range from 2 to 3 hours, they are easy on the kids, easy on makiing changes, easy to add pets in, sure to add individuallity to your portraits