Friday, October 15, 2010

and smile with your eyes, stock photography, amy rocks, what is stock

stock photography is just that. bill gates is, getty images is, yes, the grandson of the oil tycoon. among hundreds of others who broker images to publishers, ad agencies, designers, and businesses and organizations of all kinds from the new york times to your local bank brochure. stored in digital files searchable by many key word descriptions, from brain surgery to kid on a trike and every theme in between
e mail me images if you would like to be included in my model files for stock photo shoots, beauty sells, character sells, uniqueness, photo buyer needs are endless, fashions change, hair, eye wear, cars, desk top computers, are all dated, and millions of images are kept for the communications industry to tap into on an as needed basis, at usually a new york minute pace. most models from kids to seniors
do stock work on a tfp or trade for prints basis. many sit in files for years and never get used, others may be on your next cell phone package. nobody really knows. its usually good for both the model and photographer. stock prices to photo buyers have changed drastically since the internet has made searching and delivery so fast,
time is money and prices are cheaper than ever. as a model its great to get practice
or a breakthrough image for your portfolio. i hear all the time we need health care and seniors images from stock houses. whole crews have taken shoots at schools to build education images. everything is done with a signed model release. drop me a few jpgs at