Sunday, October 10, 2010

beautiful women make beautiful pictures. lori with shades has been on many of my business cards an old friend i'm glad i encouraged her to move to fl.

often a great image is a moment which i capture, a benefit of a professional shoot,
it seems if 36 images are created or 3600 images are created, a few are always going to pop off the light box. if there is a problem with digital, that would be it, often
a photographer will see his lcd screen and think hes got it. when in fact the mystery of not always knowing what you have on film is exactly what keeps you working a shoot. a lot of film and lab costs will be saved, a lot of unworked images will go by the way side and never be captured. for sure many more will be made by knowing angles and lighting are working faster. i like 3 hour shoot sessions when working, and shoot hundreds of images from set to set and change to change. fashion,
beauty, portfolio, head shots, i love them all, call or write, 309 824 8176 ,