Friday, October 15, 2010

4 grand a day is easy, contact me to work on your portfolio

do your portfolio and head for miami & go see 40 modeling agencies in south beach, get your feed back, grab a pesky waitress job, rent the apartment before your return trip to get your car full of stuff.

take your best shot
work on your portfolio, the cities are full of modeling assignments, all ages, men women and children, with a good portfolio you can easily have a pesky waitress job while getting booked for the next gap campaign, i know a 45 year old model who sells printing full time in miami and takes a vacation day to do a sandals ad and makes
$ 4,000 for a days work. book a portfolio job with me and i will work with you on an all in one day or several days ongoing to edit down to the best choices for your book. i'm in central il now, with a great studio, have a condo in palm beach and favor miami beyond description. work in chicago and south florida a lot. give my cell a call 309 824 9176