Friday, October 15, 2010

ceo's start selling in the boardromm

international developers take stake in ocean view.

miami ceo
north light is hard to beat
north light is hard to beat, i packed heavy for this boardroom location shoot. once on location in the board room with more lighting gear than i knew there would be time for, i'm drawn to the bank of north windows and with an eye for a perfect diffusion of overcast conditions the light was sweeping in better than any possible lighting modification setup. with a reflector to bounce back some of this quality light, the best light source of them all, almost always would be my first choice, especially under any time constraints which ceo's tend to have. its crucial not use direct sun so weighing the conditions of light direction and diffusion creates beautiful images every time. a roll of provia through my hasselblad, and another through my canon, and in 30-40 minutes its a wrap.