Saturday, February 25, 2006

photographer anthony saluto , self portrait , re photographed at sunrise palm beach delray beach family commercial


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anthony saluto
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about anthony saluto

anthony had a wet lab and darkroom at age 15, actively photographing people places and things at an early age to create lab work as well as images was the norm. along with 3 high school jobs and lots of photography works underway headed for miami photography college in 1976. studies in photojournalism and commercial photography unveiled a career move to the magazine distribution business for 15 years. followed by long stretch of marketing product innovations like golf tee trivia to some 10,000 stores. practicing photography before during and after magazine and golf endeavors. early 90's saluto opened a full scale warehouse state of the art photography studio. with a promotion called puppies and presents, ongoing studies include work of notable photographers around the country. anthony moves to miami 4 months after 9/11. landing assignments all over miami photographing ceo's. along with landscapes, seascapes, street lifestyle and travel stock images. producing stock photography and always landscapes especially in the year 2000. offerings of some of favorite images from the last 35 hangs in anthony's gallery / studio. all works of photography are sensational evolving creative styles to inspire all us each day. recently doing photo works in a pop style under many computer manipulations. the industry is moving faster than ever and that too is an inspiration to move forward practices and techniques to meet the demands of latest technology.